By the California Endowment

Aside from the many changes LCFF could make around improving outcomes for all students, especially foster youth, low income, and English Learner students, the law also requires school districts to meaningfully engage parents and guardians. This week, we have answers from an expert on parent engagement  around why LCFF is so significant for parents and guardians in terms of their ability to have their input and ideas reflected in districts’ LCAPs.We’ve also added more recently revised and newly-released LCAPs from districts including:* Santa Ana Unified,
* Coachella Valley Unified, and
* East Side Union High School District

Finally, we’ve rounded up the week’s LCFF news including the following stories:

* See what new statewide data says about the percentage of English Learners in California public schools

* Read an op-ed on the 60th anniversary of the Brown vs. Board of Education decision and what LCFF means for the promise of equality in education

* Hear what local leaders feel is missing from Santa Ana Unified’s preliminary draft LCAP

* Learn what a recent study found about how much money is saved by investing in school nurses

* Find out what Compton Unified did to reduce truancy and how a new package of proposed laws could help address LCFF requirements around chronic absence

* Read about how East Side Union High School District responded to community feedback within its revised draft LCAP

* Learn about the different advocacy groups who are proposing that LCFF funding be invested in addressing their specific concerns.