Webcast Board of Education – Parents Testify

3- Families at Board of Education

On November 7th 2013,  parents and students from all over the state traveled to Sacramento for a state board of education meeting. They demanded that they want authentic parent engagement measurements implemented into the LCFF. These measurements would hold schools, local and statewide officials accountable. After five hours of testimonies and a healthy discussion between the board members, they decided to send the LCFF regulations back for a revision. To see the webcast visit: http://cde-ca.granicus.com/MediaPlayer.php?publish_id=21d4e508-9c64-1031-8121-35eaf3043912

Implementing funding formula that helps me become more successful

Cindy Andrade a student from Oakland Unified shares her commentary on the Local Control Funding Formula, student and community input.

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