Webcast Board of Education – Parents Testify

3- Families at Board of Education

On November 7th 2013,  parents and students from all over the state traveled to Sacramento for a state board of education meeting. They demanded that they want authentic parent engagement measurements implemented into the LCFF. These measurements would hold schools, local and statewide officials accountable. After five hours of testimonies and a healthy discussion between the board members, they decided to send the LCFF regulations back for a revision. To see the webcast visit: http://cde-ca.granicus.com/MediaPlayer.php?publish_id=21d4e508-9c64-1031-8121-35eaf3043912

A parent’s testimony to CA School Board Members on LCFF – Nov 7th

Khemer parents go to Sacramento


My respect to President Kirst and all Board members

My name is Rita Sisowath and my fellow Parent Leaders, Sokphon Ing, Sokunthy Khuon, and Rita Lee.  On behalf of Khmer Parents in Long Beach, we’d like to express our concern about the use of the LCFF to benefit all children in Long Beach.  Every child is an asset to our society regardless of their ethnic background.  We want LCFF to realize its promise in advancing the educational opportunities and outcomes of English language learners, foster youth and low-income students.

1- Most Khmer students fit in these 3 groups; therefore, LCFF should be used to hire more Skilled and qualified counselors and teachers that are culturally competent and can communicate well with students and parents.

2- State law requires Parental Involvement.  However, we can’t get involved if we don’t have clear guidelines for authentic parent involvement and understand the language.  Translation of important documents into Khmer including school board and district documents is necessary.  Please note that incompetent interpreters can cause more harm than good.  Like the old saying, “The Road to Hell is paved with Good Intention.”

3- We feel LCFF offers great promise, but accountability is very important.  The District needs to demonstrate that funding benefits the low income students, foster youth and English language learners.

4- Create a school atmosphere that encourages sincere engagement of parents, students and community members in the development of Local Control and Accountability Plans and district budgets.


Thank you for your attention.