About Keeping the Promise for our Students

California’s new Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF) is a historic education funding legislation that will send millions in additional funding to the Los Angeles Unified School District.  These additional funds, in the form of supplemental and concentration grants based on need, are intended to correct the inequities faced by students in poverty, English language learners, and foster youth.

We ask LAUSD school board members to follow the intent of the new LCFF law by mandating these funds for the education of our highest need students.  Additionally, we ask that parents and stakeholders are prepared to aid in the budget-decision making process.


Parents Matter NOW is a statewide campaign launched by Families In Schools (FIS) to strengthen parent engagement practices across the state. California’s new funding formula for K–12 schools changes the way money is allocated to each district and provides additional revenue for low-income, English language learners, and kids in foster care. The design of this new funding matrix gives school districts maximum flexibility in determining how best to allocate funds to meet the unique needs of their student populations.

While districts will be given maximum flexibility, they will also be required to document how they spend the funds to improve the academic success of all students.  The accountability plan, called the Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP), includes parent engagement as a key state education priority. Also, districts will be required to solicit input from parents and community members when deciding how to use state funds.

Families In Schools firmly believes that parent and community involvement is the best way to improve student outcomes; and there can be no better time than now for parents to raise their voices at the state and local levels to call for increased support for meaningful parent engagement practices at their schools.

Consequently, FIS, in collaboration with dozens of organizations from across the state, have developed a set of parent engagement indicators that can be used by the state and school districts to better track parent engagement activities. We believe these indicators will help change the culture at every school site and in every district across the state, moving boldly from a culture of compliance (Parent Engagement 1.0) to a culture of real, meaningful authentic engagement (Parent Engagement 2.0), yielding powerful educational outcomes for all students and for California. Learn more about the indicators at http://parentsmatternow.org/supporter/

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